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Today’s procurement challenges demand different thinking to achieve better value for money. Ever-increasing financial pressures mean that there is a huge business imperative to rethink how services are specified, programmed and procured.

How we can help

Our strategic repairs and maintenance procurement consultancy will help you:

  • change the way you think about repairs, to embrace total asset management
  • make savings on planned maintenance through just-in-time principles
  • innovate to achieve better lifecycle costs.

Operational support for procurement and contract management can help you:

  • review contract terms, standing orders, financial regulations, staff and resident capabilities
  • plan and implement staff and resident training as an integrated part of procurement
  • assess and rationalise contracts
  • prepare detailed contract documentation
  • undertake and manage the procurement process
  • document the procurement process for audit, reference and future training
  • implement contract monitoring and reviews
  • prepare for re-tendering.