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Organisations face many challenges in the current operating environment including new financial risks, changing government policy and increasing customer expectations. Today more than ever, you need to constantly re-appraise service delivery to achieve and demonstrate efficiency, effectiveness and value for money.

Each organisation is unique and requires a tailored approach to service development. We offer a wide range of skill and experience to work together with your local knowledge and understanding.

Key components to transforming service performance include:

  • customers – helping you to identify, review and address needs and expectations
  • design – making sure you have the right cost effective structure and delivery mechanisms in place
  • performance management – focusing on the things that really matter
  • culture – ensuring the right organisational culture that is truly customer focused
  • technology – using technology and social media to connect with customers and achieve service excellence

How we can help

Our services include:

  • customer and scrutiny insight
  • strategy development
  • policy, practice and service standard review
  • organisational design and structure
  • process reengineering
  • developing performance indicators, monitoring and evaluation
  • improvement plans
  • cultural change
  • independent assessment and validation of service delivery.