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In partnership with the New NHS Alliance, we offer a Working Together action programme for health and housing professionals working within the same locality to learn, innovate and implement new services together. This fast-track programme is designed to achieve rapid changes in service design and quality between the NHS and local housing partners.

Housing, social care and health are key to effective placemaking and people-focused working. Increasing the focus on prevention, posiitve health and out-of-hospital care will help you to develop new services and community-based partnerships that bear little resemblance to traditional models of provision.

The Care Act 2014 clearly sets out the role and responsibilities of housing providers in safeguarding. We can help you meet the requirements through detailed briefings for staff and contractors, and by working with your board or elected members to ensure full understanding of safeguarding and services that draw on best practice.

How we can help

We can help you to:

  • build a business case for the integration of housing, health and wellbeing with local partners
  • determine supported housing needs and provision
  • learn from relevant, practical experience with access to specialist advice from experts
  • develop local initiatives for delivery and funding
  • evaluate and develop your current practice and approaches.

View our learning report for Sheltered Housing.