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You need to deliver effective core housing management functions alongside a coherent package of measures to reduce the risk of tenancy failure.

We offer a range of services and support to help you use the right operating model, strategies, policies and systems to achieve the business, operational and customer outcomes you require.

This support draws on lessons from our ground-breaking Working Together projects on creating sustainable tenancies and influencing customer behaviour.

How we can help

Our consultancy services include:

  • pre-tenancy work – with choice-based lettings and common housing register partnerships, to help applicants be ‘tenancy ready’
  • allocations and empty properties – to make sure processes support new tenants to prevent tenancy failures and reduce costs
  • income collection – analysing your approach to maximising income collection to balance prevention, support and sanctions
  • incentive and reward schemes – to influence customer behaviour
  • financial inclusion – support for financial services, welfare benefits and staff resilience
  • customer insight – using segmentation analysis and other data-focused tools to help you focus scarce resources where they will have the greatest impact
  • marketing and communication – to develop effective campaigns to change public perceptions and customer behaviour.

New collaborative projects

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